Capacity Development

Capacity development is a priority area for PPD. One of the most important lessons learned over the couple of year is that despite great interest and enthusiasm among the developing countries to share their expertise, the capacity to do so is often lacking. In order to augment capacities PPD use certain modalities, the following chapter is an account of the PPD’s efforts for capacity building.

Over the years, PPD has also established strong relationship with national and regional training and research institutions in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America and identified twenty Centers of Excellence as PPD Partner Institutes (PIs). PPD has worked to develop the capacity of these Partner Institutes and conduct regional and international training programs. A capacity development needs assessment was conducted by PPD for the Partner Institutes where priority needs were identified and accordingly, PPD prepared four Generic Modules in collaboration with representatives of the PIs and experts. These Generic Modules were incorporated into the training curricula of the PIs and helped building capacity at the institutional level. PPD is in the process of expanding the network of PIs by bringing in other well-established institutions creating a database of PIs for exchange of information, research findings and expertise.

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