Executive Committee

This committee consists of four elected Board Members (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer). Incumbents of positions of the Executive committee will serve a maximum of three years in any one position. The host country (Bangladesh) is also a member of the Executive Committee by virtue of hosting the PPD secretariat in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Executive Committee will meet at least once a year. Its role is to make recommendations to the Board on program activities and budget, as well as to follow –up on the progress of activities and to review the budget. It also provides guidance to the Executive Director of the Secretariat.


Chair, PPD BoardChina_flag

H.E. Dr. Li Bin
Hon. Secretary General of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)
Government of the People’s Republic of China

India_flagVice-Chair, PPD Board

H.E. Mr. Harsh Vardhan
Honorable Minister, Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Government of India

Secretary, PPD Boardsafrica_flag

H.E. Ms. Lindiwe Zulu, MP
Honourable Minister for Social Development
Government of the Republic of South Africa

Treasurer, PPD Board

Dr. Rafla Tej DELLAGI
President, Director-General, National Board for Family and Population
Ministry of Public Health, Tunisia

Permanent Member, PPD Board

H.E. Mr. Zahid Maleque
Honorable Minister, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW)
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Member, PPD BoardBenin_flag

H.E. Professor Benjamin I. B. Hounkpatin
Honorable Minister of Health
Government of the Republic of Benin

Member, PPD Board

Name to be Confirmed
Secretary-General, Consejo Nacional de Población (CONAPO)
Secretaría de Gobernación, Mexico

Zimbabwe_flagMember, PPD Board

H.E. Mr. Obadiah Moyo
Honourable Minister, Ministry of Health and Child Welfare
Government of Zimbabwe

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