Africa Regional Office

The Continental Policy Framework on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights adopted in Gaborone in October 2005 and the Maputo Plan of Action of September 2006 laid the basis for a well-concerted action to address burning Sexual and Reproductive Health issues in Africa. South-South cooperation has been highlighted as one of the key routes for the attainment of the objectives of the Framework and the Plan of Action.

The 11th Executive Committee Meeting of PPD held in April 2006 in China took the opportune decision to open an Africa Office to oversee Sexual and Reproductive Health program in Africa while fostering South-South Cooperation as a way forward.

In this context, PPD opened an Africa Office in February 2007 that, besides organizing forums, meetings on Sexual and Reproductive Health, will also conduct high level policy dialogue with African leaders, new partners and stakeholders to ensure their full participation in PPD activities and promote South-South Cooperation for effective transfer of knowledge, information, technologies and commodity support security.





Family Health Department Population Secretariat (POPSEC)
Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development
Statistics House 2nd & 3rd Floor, Plot 9 Colville Street.
P.O. Box – 2666
Kampala, Uganda

Tel: (256)-414-705446

Fax: (256)-414-705454

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