Message of Solidarity from PPD Executive Director to the Member States on their Suffering from COVID-19 Pandemic

Hon. Board Members and Dear Partner Country Coordinators,

Please accept our heartfelt compliments from the Secretariat of Partners in Population and Developments (PPD)!

The people of PPD member countries and other nations across world are undergoing the fastest spreading, the deadliest and unpredictable Pandemic that our generation has never recorded. People of all ages, gender, race and classes are getting exponentially infected and succumbed to the infection every moment. The Pandemic is not sparing the wealthiest and the mightiest nations stretching their resources and capacities to the limit. While no treatment or vaccination is available or none in sight in foreseeable future, only the prevention methods through personal hygiene, social distancing, civic courteousness and allied cautionary measures are only proving to be the effective instrument to a great extent, which is the core principle of the Public Health.

At this most difficult and tragic moment of our history, the PPD Chair, your Executive Director and Staff Members at the Permanent Secretariat in Dhaka, at the African Regional Office in Kampala and at the China Training Center in Taicang, express heartfelt solidarity and felicitations to the Government and People of our Member Countries and of the Global South. Our heartfelt condolences to the ones lost the lives of their loved ones from the Pandemic and our profound sympathies to the infected brothers and sisters struggling to stay alive. Most respectfully we salute to the frontline health work force working round the clock to save lives of the infected people, while they are also getting infected and embracing death. We are profoundly saddened and overwhelmed with the unprecedented suffering our brothers and sisters in the member countries are enduring. We standby the Governments and People of our member countries with spirit, thoughts and prayers. We wish that this menace vanish from the surface of our planet and life returns to normalcy.

As China, the country chairing PPD, has already achieved comprehensive and exemplary success in fighting against and controlling the Pandemic, we are committed to share the successful experiences of China with other member countries enabling them combatting the Pandemic with successful experiences and best practices. In this backdrop, we have opened a Special Page in our official website and uploading the successful experiences, protocols and handbook collected from China to share with the member countries with the spirit of facilitating the South-South Cooperation at the hour of dire necessity.

We also commit to work with UNFPA, UNOSSC and other partners to ensure continued implementation of the Sexual and reproductive health and Mother and Child Health programs while the entire health infrastructure is engaged in responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic. In addition to newly approved 5-years strategy of PPD, we do not forget the global commitments made in Nairobi Summit to meet three zeros through effective and transformational South-South and Triangular Cooperation and we are pledge bound to take them forward. We are proud of and honored with the continued guidance and supports of our Hon. Board Members and Partner Country Coordinators.

With our Warmest regards.

Adnene Ben Haj Aissa
Executive Director, PPD

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