The present activities of the organization:

  • Capacity Development
    • Development of a Module on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health for short courses of the senior officials
    • Compilation of training materials in to CD ROM and sharing with the partners
    • Introduction of training courses on Population, Poverty, Climate Change and Migration
  • Human Recourse Development for strengthening Health System in Member Countries
  • Advocacy and Policy Dialogue towards achieving ICPD agenda and MDGs
  • Documentation and sharing of the best practices
  • Multi-stakeholder Consultation for Knowledge sharing learning and media outreach
  • Strengthening network through signing of MoU within partners and between PDD and Partners
  • Information sharing and communication
  • Strengthening of National Taskforces and sharing of the successful experiences of Taskforces
  • Exchange of expertise, trainers and trainees through MoU and awarding fellowships
  • Sharing of Technologies and expertise
  • Ensuring RH commodity supplies in PPD member countries
  • Resource mobilization

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