Second Stakeholder meeting for Raising Voices from the South for integration of a Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) to Maternal Health held in Dhaka

Dhaka, Bangladesh — The Second stakeholder meeting of the Raising Voices from the South for Integration of Human Rights Based Approach to Maternal Health was held at the National Press Club Auditorium in Dhaka on 1st August 2012. The objective of this meeting was to introduce the project to different stakeholder and to share and request feedback on a draft situation analysis report prepared by reviewing international treaties, commitments, gaps in implementations and status of maternal health in Bangladesh.

Participants of the Second Stakeholder Meeting

Dr. Mahbubur Rashid, Program officer of PPD made a presentation on the overview of the project and Dr. M. Munir Hussain Consultant of DRRA presented on situation analysis on maternal health in the context of Human rights based approach in Bangladesh. The presentations followed by a lively open discussion among the different stakeholders which was undoubtedly the attractive part of this meeting, where traditional birth attendees to renowned gynecologist shared their experience and thought.

This project is funded by World Bank and PPD partnered with DRRA to implement the project in Bangladesh with the full support of National Taskforce (NTF) for South-South Cooperation under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of Bangladesh. The project aims to enhance capacity of relevant government officials and key stakeholders in maternal health to improve their policies and programs and make them more equitable and supportive for women and girls especially the most vulnerable. It is also expected that the project helps countries to establish effective mechanisms of accountability, non-discrimination, partnership building for the prevention of unacceptably needless maternal deaths and injuries accounted each year.

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