Virtual Consultative Meeting of Partner Country Coordinator (PCCs) on PPD’s Work under COVID-19 Pandemic Situation


Partners in Population and Development (PPD) organized a Virtual Consultative Meeting of the Partners Country Coordinators (PCCs) on PPC-Meeting-PanelistsThursday, 9 July 2020 from 16:00 to 18:00 hours Bangladesh time using Zoom Link subscribed by PPD. The PCCs of 22 Member Countries including some other officials of their respective offices joined the Virtual PCC Consultative Meeting and had a very lively and interactive discussions. The Zoom Meeting, moderated by PPD Executive Director Mr. Adnene Ben Haj Aissa went perfectly well without any technical difficulties. The purpose of the meeting was to report to the PCCs and elicit their guidance and advice on implementation of the past, ongoing and forthcoming activities of PPD. Additionally, the discussion also concentrated especially on the virtual organization of the forthcoming 25th PPD Board Meeting and 17th International Inter-Ministerial Conference (IIMC) on South-South Cooperation of the year 2020.

Following the Opening Remarks made by PPD Executive Director, Mr. Adnene Ben Haj Aissa, in which he focused on main achievements of the organization during the first semester of 2020 under the difficult circumstances of the COVID 19 pandemic and the planned activities that PPD will conduct during the second half of the current year, Mr. Nitish Chandra Sarkar of Bangladesh, Ms. Zhang Yang of China, Mr. Jacques Van Zuydam of South Africa, Dr. SK Sikder (Representing Ms. Vandana Gurnani) of India, Ms. Irma Ardiana (Representing Mr. Nofrijal) of Indonesia, Dr. Sanjo Faniran of Nigeria, and Dr. Munyarazi Murwira of Zimbabwe spoke on various issues particularly highlighting the forthcoming Board Meeting and Inter-Ministerial Conference of PPD. The PCCs also shared the COVID-19 situations of their countries and the measures undertaken by their Governments to combat the Pandemic. Followed by the individual statement by the above-mentioned PCCs, all the PCCs very spontaneously took part in the in-depth discussions including their country situations and measures undertaken by their respective Governments to bring their countries out of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The PCCs took the opportunity of this wonderful platform also to exchange the bilateral and multilateral issues of their common concern.

Since the 25th Board Meeting is expected to elect the new Executive Committee for the 2021-2023 Session, the PCCs also discussed and exchanged opinions on the process of conducting the Election. Mr. Jacques Van Zuydam representing the office of the Secretary of PPD Board explained the process of the election in details to the PCCs.

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