South-South Cooperation among PPD member states during COVID-19


A Chinese Medical Team (CMT) arrived in Harare, capital of Zimbabwe on 11th May to assist Zimbabwe in its fighting against COVID-19.

Zimbabwe President H.E. Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa sent a letter to CMT, thanking Chinese Government and Chinese experts for their firm support and sharing its experience and practices in fighting against COVID-19 on 20th May.

On behalf of President and the Government, H.E. Mr. Obadiah Moyo, Board and Executive Committee Member of PPD, and Honourable Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Government of Zimbabwe read out the full text of the letter of thanks signed by President H.E. Mr. Mnangagwa at a press conference on 22nd May.


Mr. Zhu Yimin, leader of CMT submitted a proposal “The Recommendations on COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Zimbabwe” to Health Minister at the press conference. The document was written by CMT experts and given effective methods and measures based on Zimbabwe current epidemic situation.

Minister said the proposal was not only a valuable gift to Zimbabwe, but also a technical document to save lives.


CMT also conducted virtual video links with China medical aid teams in more than 10 neighboring countries to provide guidance and assistance in medical treatment.

It is reported that the team will leave Zimbabwe next week to Equatorial Guinea to assist local fight against the epidemic.

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