Intervention by Mr. Adnene Ben Haj Aissa, Executive Director of PPD at the Webinar on SRH Programming Response to the COVID-19 Crisis: Sharing of Experiences from China on 1st April 2020

UNFPA, PPD and the National Health Commission of China

Webinar on SRH Programming Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Sharing of Experiences from China

Wednesday, 1st April 2020, 12:00 – 13:30 (GMT)


Dear Colleagues and Friends from Across the World! Good Evening from PPD in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Thank you all for joining our webinar. We believe you are very busy with the fight against COVID-19 Pandemic and trying hard to stop the spread of the virus and save lives in your respective countries.

As you are aware, the world is facing the most challenging crisis never happened in our time and faced by our generation. The COVID-19 is hitting more than 200 Countries and territories, killing around 40.000 people so far and the spread will continue if strict and steadfast preventive measures are not undertaken.

Today,  we are going to learn the successful experience of China, focusing particularly on pregnant women and newborns, implemented by the frontline health workforces under the inspiring leadership that brought the Pandemic to zero local infection. China’s means and methods were impressive and gave the world a message of hope. It shows that the outbreak is preventable and controllable. Sexual and Reproductive Health Response while combating the COVID-19 has also been dealt with as an essential component in this fight.

In this global effort, PPD, as Inter-Governmental Organization of 27 developing countries from different continents and representing more than 60% of the world population, is contributing through SSC to share best practices from China to fight against the Virus. PPD Board, chaired by China through National Health Commission (NHC) and grouping Ministers of health, planning, finance and social development, is very much concerned with emerging health and population issues including COVID-19 which has infected more than 94,000 people so far in PPD member countries and around 3,700 lost their lives.

China stood by several PPD member states to assist in fighting the virus sharing their prevention and treatment protocols which you can find in PPD Website, granting protective personal equipment and sending experts. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tunisia, Indonesia and many other countries have benefitted from the Chinese technical assistance in tackling the COVID-19 which demonstrated an extraordinary model for South-South and South-North cooperation.

In recognition of its continuous support to PPD member countries, the Egyptian Health Minister flew to Beijing on early March 2020 to convey Egypt’s solidarity and support to China in combating the virus.


Dear Friends and Colleagues

PPD is making a global call for heightened solidarity, intensive coordination and accelerated South-South Cooperation since they are the best means to defeat this pandemic.

We strongly believe that combatting this virus can be done only through collective efforts, strengthen cooperation and coordinated response. A global health issue can’t be treated individually and COVID-19 brought all countries at the same alignment.  We must face this enemy together, united and stronger.

This Webinar will highlight Challenges and concerns of UNFPA country Programs and PPD member states in facing COVID-19 crisis. Chinese doctors and experts will share their experience with their counterparts from other countries specifically on keeping pregnancy and fetus healthy during the pandemic.

We wish that the webinar will build a network with different partners and experts to continue online sharing of best practices under these restrictions of movements and gathering.

I must thank UNFPA for the initiative, the National Health Commission for the response and PPD member countries for their support.

As we have to listen from other panelists, let me conclude my short statement and thank you all.

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