Visionary Leadership Programme (VLP) Review Meeting in Nigeria

Kano, Nigeria — Visionary Leadership Programme (VLP) review meeting was held in Kano, Nigeria on 18th May 2006. Mr. Harry Jooseery, Executive Director of PPD, Mr. James Biswas, VLP Project Coordinator and Dr. Aloys IIinigumugabo, Deputy Director of CAFS met Hajiya Mairo Bello, the Executive Director of Adolescent Health and Information Projects (AHIP), an anchor Institute of VLP at the AHIP’s office in Kano, Nigeria. Ms. Bello has briefed about the programme activities of VLP presently in place and also about the AHIP activities. In the meeting they discussed about the sustainability of VLP activities through AHIP. AHIP expressed willingness for adopting VLP training manuals applicable to the grassroots leaders and run it through AHIP’s regular training programme. Decision was made that CAFS will offer consultancy along with local consultants of Nigeria for adaptation of the manuals. It is expected that the adaptation will be completed by June 2006. A three-day workshop to this end is planned from 4-6 June 2006 with the consultants and key local AHIP staff at Khaduna, Nigeria.

On the next day (19th May 2006) nine VLP fellows from Network Groups came in for a network group meeting facilitated by Dr. IIinigumugabo. The fellows presented their group activity reports, challenges and way forward. Dr. Aloys, in brief, shared what is expected of the network groups and how they should move ahead. The participatory discussions were appreciated by the Networks groups’ members and this has renewed their commitment and strengthened their future thoughts.

The Group members were also informed that an Evaluation will be commissioned by the Consortium and they will be contacted for their inputs about VLP and their performance. The groups committed to be available for the Evaluation activities.

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