Covid – 19

Sharing Best Practices on China in Controlling Corona Virus Epidemic

All of us are aware of the outbreak of Corona Virus Epidemic, renamed as COVID-19 and recently assumed Pandemic status, which has created unpresented suffering of the Governments and People in the countries across the World. The Governments and International Media are constantly updating about the spread and containment efforts of the Pandemic undertaken by the countries worldwide. The COVID-19 has now become the most important priority of the Governments, Institutions, Media and other actors affecting human lives with little success except China. It has indeed changed the course of life around the world.

The Corona Virus was first broke-out in China and the country has undergone the heaviest suffering by the epidemic. The Chinese Government undertook the most resolute and multipronged measures to contain, control and eradicate the virus on its soil to save lives of its people and the people of other countries. While China achieved rapid and tangible success of its endeavor, the virus has spread to most of the countries across the world. China combatted the virus in the most systematic and meticulous manner following the most appropriate methods and protocols with astounding success. The PPD Chair’s Office, National Health Commission (NHC) of China, has been overseeing and coordinating the countrywide efforts under the supreme leadership of the country.

Although some effected people are still being treated in different specialized hospitals mainly in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, the epidemic has almost been completely contained and controlled and the life in China returned to normalcy. China is now providing technical assistance to other affected countries with its own successful experiences and technologies. The NHC of the Chinese Government has provided some empirical documents and protocols for sharing with different countries in the world related to the COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment, prevention & control, surveillance, epidemiological investigation, laboratory activities, site-specific disinfection and personal protection of specific groups etc.

PPD is pleased to share the protocols proven successful in treating COVID-19 in China for reference and use of interested affected countries and institutions worldwide. It would be the greatest pride and glory for PPD if the documents are useful in saving lives in the world. PPD will share more resources useful for containing and controlling the Pandemic.

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