PPD member countries met Together in Taicang, Beijing to finalize PPD’s strategic plan


Press Release/ 2 March 2015:

The meeting is focusing finalization of PPD’s next 5 years Strategic Plan in the context of global reproductive health, population and development. The meeting highlights the context of sustainable development goals in the context of MDGs beyond 2015 and ICPD beyond 2014. The two days long consultative meeting opened by Mr. Hu Hongtao, Commissioners of Department of International Cooperation, National Health and Family Planning Commission of China on 2 March 2015. The opening remarks were made by the Vice Mayor Mr. Zhou Wenbin of Taicang Municipal Government, Jiangsu, China and Dr. Joe Thomas Executive Director of PPD. UNFPA, Director for Asia and the Pacific Region Ms. Lubna Baqi attended this meeting to provide strategic expertise.

The head quarter of the PPD is located in Bangladesh. The Govt. donated a piece of land to establish its own office premises as well as internal resource mobilization for south south cooperation. In the meeting it was acknowledged greatly about the Bangladesh Government contribution to PPD.

In this consultative meeting the priority interventions areas like Advocacy & Inter-Ministerial Consultation, Knowledge Sharing and Commodity and Technology Transfer, Capacity Building, Partnership and Global Population Diplomacy and strategic priorities and expected results. The countries attended in the meeting are Bangladesh, Benin, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. PPD and Government of China jointly organized this important meeting.

 PPD is inter-governmental orgnaisation promoting SSC in the areas of RH, population and development established during ICPD in Cairo in 1994. It is a permanent observer to UN.

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