Call for South to South strategy for HIV/AIDS response

Geneva, Switzerland — Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) of UNAIDS governing body met for Thirty-Third Meeting at WHO headquarter, Geneva, Switzerland from 17-19 December 2013. Executive Director of PPD Dr. Joe Thomas was present in the meeting as an intergovernmental observer.

In the meeting, South- South Collaboration (SSC) has been identified as an effective developmental paradigm to address many of the developmental challenges of developing countries. PPD as an international observer called up on UNAIDS to further develop a strategy to make SSC more explicitly focused of its own work; cutting across multiple thematic areas. In this concern, The Executive Director also added that PPD would have liked to see the UNAIDS presenting a clear strategy on how to develop a succinct strategy to promote South- South Collaboration (SSC) in HIV response. UNAIDS Executive Directors’ bold efforts to promote shared responsibility and global solidarity in HIV response was highly appreciated.

Considering the differential impact of HIV on developing countries and the emerging capacity of developing countries to produce anti-retroviral medications and prevention skills and knowledge, Partners in Population development (PPD) an intergovernmental partnership of 25 developing countries called up on UNAIDS to develop a comprehensive South-South Collaboration Strategy to address the causes and consequences of HIV epidemic. South-South Cooperation has significantly contributed to the efforts to improve availability and access to HIV/AIDS drugs within and among developing countries.

The UNAIDS Technical Support Facilities (TSF) have been another example of UNAIDS commitment to promote South- South Collaboration. The TSFs have proved to be an important innovation in providing technical support for effective HIV response. Operating on the cutting edge of technical support, they have helped strengthen South-based capacities and systems in delivering effective programming against AIDS.

Executive director of PPD Dr. Joe Thomas delightfully announced that Partners in PPD, along with the Government of Bangladesh will co-host 12th International conference on AIDS in Asia Pacific (ICAAP). In such context , PPD reaffirm to extend all the support to the UNAIDS for promoting South –South Collaboration in HIV response and also invite to present a specific plan of action to promote south – to South Cooperation in HIV response at the next ICAAP in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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