Safe Motherhood Promotion Project and DGFP Bangladesh Collaborate to Combat Postpartum Hemorrhage


SSCAF- The Safe Motherhood Promotion Project in partnership with the Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) Bangladesh successfully conducted a training session on preventing Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) with Misoprostol. The session, held 30 March 2024 in Banquet Hall- Padma, Grand River View Hotel, Rajshahi; aimed to empower frontline health workers with essential knowledge and skills to effectively prevent and manage PPH, a leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide.

Postpartum Hemorrhage poses a significant risk to maternal health, especially in resource-constrained settings like Bangladesh. The training session addressed various aspects of maternal healthcare, including the management of labor stages, prevention of PPH, and the utilization of Misoprostol to mitigate its effects.

Dr. Nazrul Islam, Acting Officer-in-Charge of PPD, delivered introductory remarks underscoring the importance of addressing PPH within the broader context of maternal healthcare. Dr. Md. Muniruzzaman Siddiqui, Director of Maternal and Child Health-Services at DGFP, highlighted the challenges faced by pregnant women in accessing maternal services based on their geographical location.

Dr. S.M. Ahsanul Aziz, Joint Secretary (Population-1) and PPD Affairs Desk Officer at the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), commended the SSCAF project for its impactful work and encouraged its replication in other divisions of Bangladesh. Dr. Ashrafi Ahmad, Program Coordinator of PPD and Additional Secretary at MOHFW, reiterated the importance of the training session and urged participants to advocate for the prevention of PPH using Misoprostol.

IMG_5253The Technical training Session and Presentation started with Dr. A.N.M. Mostafa Kamal Mazumder AD (MCH), DGFP, he well briefed the audience on the overview of the Maternal Health Scenario of Bangladesh.  The first and second phases of labor-management were supervised by Dr. Helena Jebeen, Deputy Director and head of Obs & Gynae, MFSTC. Prof. Sameena Chowdhury, Obs & Gynae OGSB supervised the third stage of labor Management, while Dr. Helena Jebeen, Deputy Director and Head of Obs & Gynae. MFSTC make a demonstration of the session on the PPH and PPH drill.

Role of Tab Misoprostol to Prevent PPH by Dr. Rezoana Refat Jahan, Asstt. Prof. (Obs & Gynae), SSMC & Mitford Hospital, Dhaka. Quality ANC Care, Risk of Adolescent Pregnancy, Referral and Report Return by Dr. Md, Manjur Hossain PM (A & RH), MCH-S Unit, DGFP.

The collaboration between SSCAF and DGFP Bangladesh marks a significant step towards improving maternal healthcare and reducing maternal mortality rates in Bangladesh. By equipping frontline health workers with the necessary skills and knowledge, this initiative aims to ensure safer pregnancies and childbirth experiences for women across the country.

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