Training Program Aim to Bolster Maternal Health Care in Bangladesh with the Collaboration of PPD, Govt. of Bangladesh and Chinese Govt.

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Grand Sylhet Hotel & Resort, Sylhet, Bangladesh, 23-24 March 2024 – Mohammad Hushamuddin Chowdhury, Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Standing Committee on the Ministry of Religious Affairs, joined esteemed dignitaries and health professionals in celebrating the initiation of a pioneering health initiative aimed at bolstering maternal health care in Bangladesh. The event, held at the Grand Sylhet Hotel & Resort, marked the commencement of a training program under the SSCAF Project, a collaborative effort between the Government of Bangladesh, Partners in Population and Development (PPD), and the Government of China.

An overview of these two-day program

Introductory remarks included a presentation given by Dr. Nazrul Islam, Acting OIC, PPD. Overview of Maternal Health Scenario, Bangladesh by Dr. A.N.M. Mostafa Kamal Majumder AD (MCH), DGFP. The first and second phases of labor-management were supervised by Dr. Helena Jebeen, Deputy Director and head of Obs & Gynae, MFSTC. Prof. Sameena Chowdhury, Obs & Gynae OGSB supervised the third stage of labor Management, while Dr. Helena Jebeen, Deputy Director and Head of Obs & Gynae. MFSTC make a demonstration of the session on the PPH and PPH drill.

Role of Tab Misoprostol to prevent PPH by Dr. Rezoana Refat Jahan, Asstt. Prof. (Obs & Gynae), SSMC & Mitford Hospital, Dhaka. Quality ANC Care, Risk of Adolescent Pregnancy, Referral and Report Return by Dr. Md, Manjur Hossain PM (A & RH), MCH-S Unit, DGFP

Mr. Hushamuddin Chowdhury, MP expressed his profound gratitude to the Ministry of Health and PPD for extending an invitation to participate in this critical initiative. He emphasized the significance of the SSCAF Project, highlighting its role in fortifying the nation’s health system and extending support to vulnerable areas, ensuring safe deliveries for expectant mothers.

The SSCAF Project, funded by the Chinese government, aims to provide technical assistance to Bangladesh in reducing maternal mortality rates. Through collaborative efforts, the project endeavors to enhance medical infrastructure, supply essential resources, and offer training programs to healthcare professionals, particularly in managing postpartum hemorrhage effectively.

“Bangladesh’s commitment to reducing maternal mortality rates by 70% by 2030 underscores the importance of initiatives like the South-South Project,” remarked Mr. Chowdhury. He acknowledged the persistent challenges in maternal and child healthcare, citing preventable factors such as postpartum hemorrhage, hypertension, and obstructed labor.

Despite commendable strides in healthcare, Bangladesh continues to grapple with disparities in health services across different regions. Mr. Chowdhury emphasized the urgency of addressing these discrepancies and enhancing the skills of field health workers to improve healthcare quality, particularly in high-risk areas such as his constituency and greater Sylhet.

Acknowledging the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in conceptualizing the community clinic model, Mr. Chowdhury reiterated the government’s commitment to providing accessible healthcare services. He underscored the importance of personal leadership in driving healthcare initiatives and fostering dedication among medical professionals.

Mr. Chowdhury extended his gratitude to Dr. Nazrul Islam. Acting Officer-in-Charge,  and the team at PPD for their role in implementing the SSCAF Project, envisioning a promising future for the organization in advancing health policies across member countries.

As the training program unfolds, Mr. Chowdhury expressed optimism for its impact on maternal health outcomes, extending his best wishes to the Chinese project and the beneficiary mothers poised to benefit from this transformative initiative.

As a special visitor during these two training sessions-

Dr. Ashrafi Ahmed, Additional Secretary, MEFWD, MoHFW and PCC of PPD.

Mr. S.M Ahsanul Aziz joint secretary (population-1) and PPD Affairs desk office, MEFWD, MOHFW.

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